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Please read the doctoral regulations carefully first


We would like to point out that a doctorate according to the doctoral regulations of 2010 is only possible for those doctoral candidates who have made use of the transitional regulation and have submitted an ensprechendeCertificate of Supervision(transitional regulation) to the faculty. If you have not submitted it in time, you will be awarded your doctorate according to the doctoral regulations of 2016 (for procedure see extra page doctoral studies starting in June 2012)!

1. enrollment According to § 9 Abs. 2 Satz 3 NHG doctoral students have to enroll as doctoral students. Enrollment takes place at the Study Center (Student Secretariat). Information on the semester fee (currently 187,-- € for doctoral students) can be found at:

At the beginning of a doctor ate, the main supervisor has to submit a proposal to the faculty according to § 5 para. 3 clause 2 of the above mentioned doctoral regulations for the services to be rendered by his/her doctoral student within the framework of the doctoral studies (doctoral study program) the form "Doctoral Study Plan". The dissertation topic should be assigned no later than after the first semester of the "Doctoral Studies Program".

2. the application for the opening of the doctoral procedure In due course (after completion of the dissertation), in consultation with the main supervisor, the completed dissertation as well as the other necessary documents are to be submitted to the Dean's Office for the purpose of opening the doctoral procedure. The Faculty Council decides on the opening of the doctoral procedure at the next Faculty Council meeting (meeting dates) or by circulation. For the opening of the doctoral procedure in a Faculty Council meeting, please be sure to submit the documents to the Dean's Office in time, i.e. at least 2 weeks before the meeting. The following documents are required for the opening of the doctoral procedure:

3. publication of the dissertation (after the oral examination)

4. alumni service The TU Clausthal would like to maintain contact with its alumni. If you are also interested in staying in touch with your university as well as your former fellow students and receiving invitations to university events, you can register in the alumni database free of charge and without obligation at the following link: