Research fields and research foci of the Faculty of Energy and Economics are:

Raw material supply and repository systems

  • Exploration and investigation of deposits and raw materials
  • Raw material geology
  • Raw material and environmental geophysics
  • Raw material extraction technologies
  • Raw material processing, recycling and remediation
  • Raw material protection systems
  • Reservoir characterization and simulation
  • Deep drilling and production technology
  • Gas supply systems
  • Geological storage and landfills
  • Safety of underground structures
  • Long-term safety of underground disposal sites and repositories
  • Dispersion of contaminants in geosystems
  • Geoenvironmental engineering
  • Geo- and environmental information systems

Energy Sciences

  • Renewable energy/hydrogen technology
  • Synthetic energy raw materials
  • High temperature material processes and fuel cells
  • Electrochemical energy conversion/storage
  • Energy and high temperature materials
  • High temperature sensor technology
  • Thermal energy technology

Energy economics

  • Energy regulatory law
  • Law of environmentally compatible energy production
  • Certificate systems in climate protection policy
  • Economic analysis of energy plants
  • Energy contracting
  • Incentive regulation
  • Industrial policy in the energy industry
  • Strategies for increasing energy efficiency
  • Promotion of renewable energies

Clausthal Research Catalog