Information Open Rank

Information on the Open Rank Selection Procedure

The open rank selection procedure addresses experienced applicants, who are paid according to the W3 salary scheme. In addition, it also addresses promising applicants at the beginning of their career (W2 salary scheme). In particular the selection committee will apply the following criteria:

For an appointment according to W2, the successful applicant is expected to have an established reputation, based on own excellent research. Collaborations and cooperation have resulted in a positive contribution to the evolution of knowledge, research and development. He/she is expected to have identified the important problems and perspectives in his own area of research and to have successfully developed and evaluated new methods and approaches for their solution. Publications of high quality exist and he/she has experience with the successful application for third-party funding. He/she is active in national and/or international research networks. He/she is able to establish new research cooperation in science and/or with industry, has very good communication skills and an innovative research approach. The successful applicant has already gained experience with independent teaching of courses at different levels; his/her teaching has been evaluated positively.

For an appointment according to W3 the successful applicant is expected to have a high international profile based on broad, excellent research. He/she shapes scientific debates, contributes substantially to one or more fields of research and has a strategic vision for the future of his area of research. He/she has proven excellent skills in the acquisition of research grants as well as in managing research projects has pronounced leadership competences and a convincing concept for the evolution of his research group. In particular, he/she has a track record in building up a strong research group, and in successful supervision of phd students. He/she has very good national and international networking capabilities and a proven track record in securing significant research grants. He/she has extensive teaching experience with positive evaluations, and a concept for an attractive syllabus, which fits in subject and method to the teaching at TU Clausthal and is open for further development.