Vortrag: Optical Nanoscopy

Vortrag im Fakultätskolloquium am 4.7.2007

Im Rahmen des Fakultätskolloquiums findet am
Mittwoch, dem 4.7.2007, um 16 Uhr s.t., im Kleinen Horst-Luther-Hörsaal des Instituts für Organische Chemie, Leibnizstrasse 8,
folgender Gastvortrag statt:

Optical Nanoscopy
Dr. Andreas Schönle, Department of NanoBiophotonics, Max-Planck-Institute for Biophysical Chemistry, Göttingen

In 1873, Ernst Abbe discovered that diffraction limits the resolution of a lens-based optical microscope to half the wavelength of the light in use. Other imaging modalities like electron- or atomic-force microscopy feature nanoscale resolution but could never replace far-field fluorescence microscopy due to their limited applicability especially in the life sciences. Non-invasive, specific imaging on the sub-micron scale was therefore considered impossible for more than a century. But recently, new concepts emerged that achieve resolutions far beyond the postulated limit, while still using visible light and far-field focusing. I will introduce these concepts and discuss the underlying physical principles that allow them to annul the diffraction barrier.

Nachrichtenalter: 13.06.2007 10:00


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