Vortrag: Controlling the emission of THz Quantum Cascade Lasers

Vortrag im Fakultätskolloquium am 30.11.

Im Rahmen des Fakultätskolloquiums findet am
Donnerstag, dem 30.11.06, um 16 Uhr s.t., im Kleinen Hörsaal des Instituts für Physik und Physikalische Technologien, Leibnizstrasse 4,
folgender Gastvortrag statt:

Controlling the emission of THz Quantum Cascade Lasers
Prof. Dr. Alessandro Tredicucci, NEST CNR-INFM & Scuola Normale Superiore, Italy

The development of quantum cascade lasers operating at terahertz frequencies is proceeding at a very rapid pace. For their successful practical implementation, specific requirements have now to be addressed, particularly concerning the properties of the emitted radiation. Single-mode THz lasers with distributed feedback resonators have been achieved and a new technique involving surface plasmon gratings has been demonstrated to improve performances and allow the realization of vertically emitting devices. Solutions for broad tuneability are examined, either relying on external cavity set-ups or more unconventional external electrical control. THz quantum cascade amplifiers will also be discussed.

From: 22.11.2006 12:53


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